The core faculty conduct research in all regions of Africa. Their teaching and research interests converge around such topics as politics and governance; social organization and social change; health and disease; systems of thought and belief; gender; art; ritual, performance, and cultural representation; language and communication; political economy; and economic development.

Mailing: With the exception of our postdoctoral fellow, our core faculty reside in different home departments. Please DO NOT use the Institute of African Studies address for mailing bulk or circular letters to our faculty. We will return it to the sender. Please use each faculty home department's address instead.

African Studies Faculty

Sam Cherribi (Ph.D, University of Amsterdam), Senior Lecturer, Sociology. Research Interests: contemporary sociological theory, new and old media, religion and politics, culture, immigration, countries and transnational communities with the following languages: French, Arabic, Dutch, Spanish and English.

Adriana Chira (Ph.D. University of Michigan), Assistant Professor of History, Department of History.  Research interests:  Atlantic history; Cuba in world history; race; slavery and the law; the African diaspora; public history.

Clifton Crais (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins), Professor of History, History Department. Research interests: World history; political culture and violence, economic change and histories of vulnerability, cross-cultural encounters, comparative colonialism, subaltern biographies.

Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles), Assistant Professor of Art History. Research Interests: power, patronage, and arts in West Africa; masquerade; assemblage; secrecy; knowledge and networks across cultural, linguistic, religious, and geopolitical borders; museums and display; digital humanities; spatial art history.

Craig Hadley (Ph.D., University of California-Davis), Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Anthropology Department.  Research Interests:  The social and cultural production of health and is at the intersection of anthropological demography, population studies, public health nutrition, and population health.

Peter Little (Ph.D., Indiana University), Professor and Director of the Emory Program in Development Studies. Research interest: Cultural anthropology, economic anthropology, development anthropology, ecological anthropology, political economy, agrarian change, pastoralism; sub-Saharan Africa.

Christine Loflin (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison), Associate Professor of English, Humanities Department, Oxford College of Emory. Research Interests: Interdisciplinary course development, island landscapes in literature, and gender issues in the novels of Bessie Head and Nadine Gordimer.

Phil MacLeod (Ph.D. Tulane University), Robert W. Woodruff Library

Kristin Phillips (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison), Senior Lecturer, Anthropology; Director of Undergraduate Studies, Institute of African Studies.  Research Interest: anthropology of development, food and hunger, education, citizenship, agrarian livelihoods, political culture, and energy.

Devaka Premawardhana (PhD, Harvard University). Assistant Professor, Department of Religion. Research interests: southeast Africa, specifically Mozambique; indigenous languages and religions; religious pluralism and religious change; migration and mobility; ethnographic methods; humanistic anthropology.

Pamela Scully (Ph.D., University of Michigan), Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Institute of African Studies. Research Interests: Transnational gender and women’s history, slavery and emancipation, biography.

Salmon A. Shomade (JD, University of Virginia; Ph.D. University of Arizona), Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science.  Research interests: public law, public administration.

Gordon Streeb (Ph.D., University of Minnesota), Visiting Professor of Economics. Research Interests: Development Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa; career Foreign Service Officer, Ambassador to Zambia, Former associate director for Peace Programs at the Carter Center.

Nathan Suhr-Sytsma (Ph.D., Yale University), Assistant Professor, English Department. Research Interests: postcolonial literature, particularly Anglophone poetry and Nigerian literature, book and publishing history, sociology of literature, literature and religion.

Ana Teixeira (Ph.D., Brown University), Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Research Interests: Postcolonial and cultural studies, with a focus on the formation of national identity in post-independence Angolan narratives and the literary and cinematographic connections of the Luso-Afro-Brazilian triangle. 

Kate Winskell Enger (Ph.D., Oxon), Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, Center for Health, Culture and Society, Department of International Health, Rollins School of Public Health. Research Interests: HIV/AIDS communication, with a special focus on young people in Africa. See web-site: Scenarios from Africa.

Subha Xavier (PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison), Associate Professor, Department of French. Research Interests: Migrant and Diaspora Studies, North African (Algeria, Morocco) and Sub-Saharan Francophone Literature (Senegal, Cameroon, Congo), postcolonial and trauma theory, African and migrant film.

Emeritus Faculty

Edna Bay (Ph.D., Boston University), Professor, ILA. Research Interests: cultural history of West Africa, women's history of Dahomey, religion and the African Diaspora.

David Eltis (Ph.D., University of Rochester), Robert W. Woodruff Professor of History, History Department. Research Interests: Early modern Atlantic World, slavery and the slave trade, and establishing the identities of captives sent to the Americas.

Sidney Littlefield Kasfir (Ph.D., School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London), Professor, Art History Department. Research Interests: Art, ritual and representation, masking, colonial and postcolonial urban art, West and East Africa.

Corinne A. Kratz (Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin), Professor, Institute of African Studies and Anthropology Department. Research Interests: Communication and culture, ceremony and performance, cultural history, cultural politics, semiotics and symbolism, gender, museums and cultural display, visual anthropology, East Africa.

Kristin Mann (Ph.D., Stanford University), Professor, History Department. Research Interests: Social history, gender, law, marriage and kinship, slavery and emancipation, economic transformation, historical anthropology, West Africa.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Benjamin Twagira (Ph.D., Boston University), Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Institute of African Studies. Research interests: social history, urban history, gender, militarization, East Africa, violence, environment, health and healing.