The Director's Message

A new academic year has begun. The summer was busy with faculty completing books, students writing dissertations, and everyone planning for the fall semester. We have a full slate of visitors planned for the year, beginning on September 17 with Professor Tsitsi Jaji from Duke University, who will be presenting her paper "The Uses of Genre: Troping the Western in Africa." Our last seminar will be in April when Katherine Luongo of Northeastern University presents "Asylum-Seeking in a World with Witchcraft." As in the past, all papers are pre-circulated ten days in advance of the seminar, which begins promptly at 4:15 in the Major Seminar Room, Bowden Hall. The seminar is open to the public.

There is a full slate of course available for undergraduate students; contact the DUS Kristin Phillips if you have any questions. This year the graduate assistant is Abby Meert. Finally, in spring the institute is supporting the 2016 African Language Association conference. This year the conference theme is “Justice and Human Dignity in Africa and the African Diaspora.” Kudos to Nathan Suhr-Systma and Subha Xavier for bringing the conference to Atlanta!  

With best wishes for the summer,

Clifton Crais