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The Director's Message

Late summer is a time of beginnings and endings. We say goodbye to graduate students Dinah Hannaford, Kara Moskowitz, and Jill Rosenthal. Dinah heads to Texas A&M. Kara moves to University Toronto, and Jill exchanges hot Atlanta for sunny Stanford University. Mari Webel completed her three-year postdoctoral appointment and has taken a job at the University of Pittsburgh. We wish them all great success and expect regular updates!

We welcome Melissa Hackman, our new postdoc with the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Melissa’s work examines transformations in gender and sexual norms, practices, and subjectivities in post-apartheid South Africa. Aubrey Graham returns from her dissertation research in the DRC. Two new students join our community: Daniel Thompson (Anthropology), working on East Africa, and Cid Standifer (History), working on the DRC.

Our research seminar program is shaping up nicely, with fall presentations by Emory alum Mike McGovern (Michigan), James Howard Smith (Irvine), Akinwumi Adesokan (Indiana), Berber Bevernage (Ghent), and Emily Callaci (Wisconsin). And on September 18-19 there is an international conference on slavery as part of the celebration of volume four of the Cambridge World History of Slavery. All in all a busy semester ahead! Stay tuned for even more.

Clifton Crais

picture of african women
painting of bride selling
painting of battle
old picture of tribe
african art
african art
african art
woman selling goods
men on motocycles
woman smiling
man buying on street
women singing
woman under a tree
men under a tree
people on street
man on bike
men talking
woman cooking
people at truck
people at table
people in street
people at market
people carrying baskets
people dancing
people on street