African Studies Seminar 2014-2015

Seminar Poster

All seminars take place at 4:15 in Bowden 323 unless otherwise specified.

Sept. 18: Mike McGovern (University of Michigan)- "Those Who Eat Monkey Will Never Rule Over Us"

Sept. 25: James Howard Smith (UC-Irvine)- "Tales from the Time of May it Never End: Price, Networks, and Temporality in and around the Artisanal Mines of the Eastern DR Congo"

Oct. 16: Akinwumi Adesokan (Indiana University)- "Literary Studies Beyond the Digital Divide"

Oct. 30: Berber Bevernage (University of Ghent)- "The past is evil/evil is past: On retrospective politics, philosophy of history and temporal Manichaeism"

Nov. 6: Emily Callaci (University of Wisconsin)- "Alternative Archives of the Socialist City: Dar es Salaam's Pulp Fiction Publishing Industry, 1967-1985"

Jan. 29: Susan Gagliardi (Emory)- "Seeing the Unseeing Audience: Women and Power Association Masquerades on the Senufo-Mande Cultural `Frontier'"

Feb. 12: Jeanne-Marie Jackson (Johns Hopkins)- "Zimbabwefication: A Binational Poetics of Ambivalence"

Feb. 16: Till Förster (University of Basel) - "African Urban Art and the Formation of Collective Intentionality" - Please note the different time and location for this week’s seminar. The seminar will take place Monday at 5:00 in the Carlos Conference Room.

Mar 5: William Reno (Northwestern)- "The End of the Era of Liberation? The National Patriotic Front of Liberia and the Failures of Rebel Diplomacy (1989-94)"

Mar. 19: Aubrey Graham (Emory)- "A Humanitarian Imaginary: Photography, Imagination, and Aid in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo"

April 2: Aboubakar Sanogo (Carleton)- "Between History and the Historiographic Operation: The Cinema of Med Hondo"

April 14: Ondjaki - “The nexus between history and literature in Angola," hosted by the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese,  The Department of English, the Department of Film and Media Studies, The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, the African Studies Program and the Hightower Fund.

April 16: Zoë Strother (Columbia)- "The Return of the Repressed: Problems in the Theorization of Masquerade in West and Central Africa"

This seminar program is assisted by the Hightower fund.