African Studies Seminar 2013-2014

19 September: Jill Rosenthal (Emory), "Transnational Boundaries: Humanitarian Aid to Rwandan Refugees in Ngara district 1959-1967"

26 September: Evan Mwangi (Northwestern University), "Transmodern Poetics: Mugithi and Sheng in Kenya's 21st Century Poetry"

10 October: Omolade Adunbi (University of Michigan), "The Nation's Two Bodies: Nigeria's Oil Creeks of Violence and the City of Sin"

7 November: Kara Moskowitz (Emory), "Are You Planting Trees or Are You Planting People?: Inequality and Development in the Early Kenyan Postcolony"

14 November: Lisa Earl Castillo (Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Unicamp), "Life Stories, Social Networks and the Return to Africa in the Wake of the Malê Uprising of 1835"

5 December: Julie Weiskopf (University of Wisconsin - La Crosse), "'For the Benefit of the Whole Nation': Framing Tanzania's Moyowosi Game Reserve as Nationalist and Local Resource"

13 February: Dinah Hannaford (Emory), "Les Femmes Des Immigrés: Navigating Love and Marriage in Neoliberal Senegal"

20 February: Steven Nelson (UCLA), "Dakar on Film: Modernity and Cinema in an African Metropolis"

27 February: Kim Miller (Wheaton College), "'The Place that Used to Be Hell has Changed to Heaven': Women's Agency and the Reinvention of Space in a South African Prison"

6 March: Nathan E. Suhr-Sytsma (Emory), "Christopher Okigbo in Print: The Mbari Generation and the Poetry of Postcolonial Modernity"

3 April: Richard Roberts (Stanford), "Constrained Consent: Women, Marriage, and Household Instability in Colonial French West Africa"