2011-2012 African Studies Seminars

Graduate Students interested in African Studies are encouraged to attend lectures and seminars presented by IAS each semester. Several times per semester we invite scholars from outside institutions to give two-hour seminars on pre-circulated papers. Students benefit from attending these sessions by maintaining contact with faculty and with their graduate student colleagues, as well as gaining access to researchers who are currently active in African Studies. 

All seminars are held in the ILA Detweiler Conference room, S423 Callaway, unless otherwise noted (*)All seminars begin at 4:15.  Please click here for the poster.

Oct. 20
Jesmael Mataga, Department of History (National University of Lesotho)
"The Immobilised Museum and Emergent Commemorative Spaces in Zimbabwe: The Spiritual and the Sacred, 1980-2010"
Oct. 27
Jean Allman, Department of History (Washington University in St. Louis)
"Phantoms of the Archive: Kwame Nkrumah, a Nazi Pilot Named Hannah, and the Contingencies of Postcolonial History Writing"  * To be held in Bowden Hall 323
Nov. 03
Clement Mamudu, Department of English (University of Cape Town)
"Rethinking Urban Legibility: Figurations of the African City in the Nigerian novel"
Nov. 10


Kristin Mann, Department of History (Emory University)
"Tales of Enslavement, Slavery, and Freedom in the Lagos Colonial Supreme Court Records" * To be held in Bowden Hall 323

Feb. 09
Ida Susser, Department of Anthropology (CUNY Graduate Center)
"Science and Engagement: Shifting Borders with respect to AIDS Research in Southern Africa"

Feb. 23
Julie Livingston, Department of History (Rutgers University)
"Caring for Body and Soul in Botswana's Cancer Ward"

March 08
Mari Webel, Institute of African Studies (Emory University)
"Politics and Sleeping Sickness Prevention in the Great Lakes Region before WWI"

March 22
Johan Pottier, Department of Anthropology (SOAS)
"Food Security and the Urban Poor: The Case of Lilongwe, Malawi"