African Studies Seminars 2010-2011

Papers are available in the ILA (Callaway S415) and on Reserves Direct (AFS 500).  All seminars take place in Callaway S423 from 4-6 p.m.  Open to the public.

Politics and Citizenship in the Postcolony

Sept. 16 - Todd Shepard (Johns Hopkins) "Integracion and 'Integration':  Latin American Models for French Responses to the Algerian Revolution"

Sept. 30 - Abdullahi A. An-Na'im (Emory) "Transcending Imperialism:  Human Values and Global Citizenship"

Oct. 07 - Jose Munoz (Emory) "Paradoxes of Legal Entitlement in Northern Cameroon"

Oct. 21- Stephen C. Lubkemann (GW) "In Justice:  Readings of 'Rule of ' in Post-conflict Liberia"

Dec. 2 - Peter Redfield (UNC) "Can One Be a Citizen of a Neglected Disease?"

Jan. 27 - Paul Richards (University of London/Yale) "New War' - What (if anything) is new?  A Commentary on Power and Violence over the Longer Term in Liberia and Sierra Leone"

Feb. 03 - Mariane C. Ferme (UC-Berkeley) "The Parallel Space-Time of Humanitarian Intervention: A Sierra Leonean Case"

Feb. 17 - Jennifer A. Wenzel (University of Michigan) "Revolutionaries or Bitter Men?:  Petroviolence in the Postcolony"

Feb. 24 - Stephen Jackson (UN) - "Congolite:  Elections and the Politics of Authenticity in the DR Congo"

Apr. 07 - Hannah Feldman (Northwestern) "The Tower that Revolution Built"

Supported by Dean of College, Dean of the Graduate School, Hightower Fund, Institute of Developing Nations, Interdisciplinary Workshop in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, and the Departments of Anthropology and History.