African Studies Seminar 2016-2017

AFS Seminar 20156-2017

All seminars take place at 4:15 in Candler 212 unless otherwise specified.

Ashley Parcells (Emory University), September 8th, "Rural Development, Royal History, and the Struggle for Authority in Early Apartheid Zululand, 1951-1954"

Bryan Chitwood (Emory University), September 22th, "Money, Media, and the Problem of Value in Anglophone Nigerian Poetry"

Jennie Burnet (Georgia State University), September 29th, "Inventing the Future in Rwanda: Nostalgia, State-Building and Ontology"

Paul Landau (University of Maryland), October 13th,  "Hot-demolition sabotage and politics in South Africa, 1961-2

Louisa Lombard (Yale University), October 27th, "Denouncing Sovereignty: Process and Relations in Extralegal Killings"

Mariana Candido (Notre Dame University), November 3rd, “Goods, power, and women in nineteenth century Benguela, West Central Africa”

Martin Murray (University of Michigan), November 10th, "Heavy Metal in the Streets: Pro-active Public Space Policing in Contemporary Johannesburg"

Casey Golomski (University of New Hampshire), January 9th, "Age of Dependency: Welfare, Race, and Aging in Post-Apartheid South Africa"

Lowell Brower (Harvard University), February 16th, “Once Upon a Time in the Land of Never Again: Storytelling and Survival in Post-Genocide Rwanda”

Marissa Moorman (Indiana University Bloomington), March 2nd, “Electronic Warfare: Radio and Counter-insurgency”

Bruce Hall (Duke University), March 30th, "The particularity of Islamic Law in Africa? Muslim West African ideas about slavery and commerce"

Julianna Blair Watson (Emory University), April 6th, "Towards a Literary Aesthetics of Violence: Bolya's La Polyandre and Yasmina Khadra's A quoi rêvent les loups"

Chérie Rivers Ndaliko (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), April 13, “Congology: Ray Lema and the Politics of Central African Music”

This seminar program is assisted by the Hightower fund.