The Director's Message

We have a busy spring semester ahead of us.  IAS is part of a university-wide effort to offer an extensive, interdisciplinary forum to explore the impact of the Ebola virus disease on public health, policy, law, ethics, government and development.  The forum begins on January 26 and runs through April 16.  Participants include Emory faculty, experts working on Ebola in West Africa, and former President Jimmy Carter.  The forum is open to the public.  For more information go to

Our seminar program (seven papers total!) kicks off with our own Susan Gagliardi (Art History) who will be presenting her paper “Seeing the Unseeing Audience:  Women and Power Association Masquerades on the Senufo-Mande Cultural ‘Frontier’.”  Susan is also organizing a major exhibition of Senufo art at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  We have added a seminar for February 16:  Till Förster, whose paper will be on "African Urban Art and the Formation of Collective Intentionality." Please note the different time and location for this week’s seminar. The seminar will take place Monday at 5:00 in the Carlos Conference Room.  As always, papers are pre-circulated.  We are thankful to the Hightower Fund for making the series possible.

Clifton Crais